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A Year With A View.

We don't have to start 2019 with a cliché. A new year doesn't have to mean a brand new you. First and foremost, I want you to love yourself for who you are, so why be "new" when being YOU is perfectly lovely? (and you are perfectly lovely, darling). If you must have resolutions, just make the promise to improve in any way and on any day you can. Who needs all that pressure of racing to perfection right out of the gate in a brand-spanking-new year? Reflect. Listen to your gut when those first few ideas pop up. Write those down. Use simple tools that can help make meeting those goals less stressful (hint: reflection is the first of those simple tools); apps, calendars, visualization tools--these are all great steps to take in order to build a pathway towards improvement. You don't have to have the perfect drink container in order consume more water; you don't need the latest planner to successfully budget your time; all you need are a few simple yet effective tools, determination, and a sense of commitment--even if it's slightly wavering.

My biggest goals this year are health related--physical, mental, and emotional, and I plan to utilize the philosophies of biohacking to achieve this. I've spent the better part of a decade watching all of these branches of my health deteriorate with various perceived failures and stressors, consciously denying a deep comprehension of NLP, mindfulness, and other self-awareness and personal programming techniques in favor of self deprecation. And while I did make strides in 2018, I don't plan on "knocking it out of the park" in 2019...just more strides.

We're not striving for perfection in 2019 (save that for 2020, when all the hokey headlines will read "Hindsight is 20/20"), we're striving for improvement. Improvement for you could mean quitting smoking, or it could just mean cutting back; it could look like swapping out fast food visits for trying out copycat recipes at home; it could simply be reading books and gaining inspiration (there is a LOT to be said for that accumulation of inspiration); or it could mean going 100% full throttle towards your desires. But the most important thing I can think to encourage is to just be kind to yourself this year. No one is harder on you than you, so be aware of how damaging being too hard on yourself can be, and be kind.

Choose 2019 to be your year with a view--of YOU: the real you, not the new you.