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Slow-Rolling Into 2018

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

I haven't maintained a blog for the last three years (give or take a year or two). The short version of my explanations includes me being lazy and distracted. The long version is listed below. TO SKIP THE DETAILS, START AT THE FOURTH PARAGRAPH. You're welcome.

I (like many) was told by other creative and tech professionals that WordPress was THE choice for a public voice; however, I became disenchanted with WordPress after quickly realizing the term "user-friendly" was likely only used by those who passed their C++ courses with high marks, or by those who cared little about the ease of customization of their sites. To compound matters, once I decided to ditch the glitch and make the switch the process of transferring my domain from WordPress wasn't the cakewalk they claim either.

Also, when I first went public with my blog 12 years ago I was a single gal with lots of time on my hands, mixed with some opinions, curse words, and travel updates. Now I have children and, yes, they are the reason we can't have nice things... like blogs. I also have few braincells to spare these days, so I have to be judicious in those expenditures.

I co-manage my family, and the master-level coordination needed in order to balance a professional and personal life is enormous, and I haven't prioritized blogging at the top my "to do" list. My goal is to start blogging more regularly in 2018, but I won't have any "BIG CHANGES!" or other dramatic surprises . Subscribe for updates and check in occasionally. Eventually I'll be back up and running 😊

Thanks for checking in!